Authentic. That is the recurring theme that defines Recon Cigars. We have created something special and unrepeatable for you to enjoy. The power of being unique in a world of sameness is a responsibility this company takes very seriously. We will continue to awe, amaze and be a disruptive force in our industry.

Our artisanal cigars are Nicaraguan born; collaborated by our partners: The Puentes Family (third generation Cubans with a long legacy of tobacco growth and cigar production). The Recon is engineered to deliver an impactful assemblage of flavors. An experience you will not easily forget…

Our skillful masters blend the Recon with the highest quality tobacco available.  Our wrappers, aged long fillers and exotic binders render an elegant balance and nuances of flavors to ensure that each draw is episodic with a long sequence of blazing impulses. The Recon is a harmony of precision authenticated within the parameters of perfection.

We know you will enjoy the unmistakable design and packaging. Our brands are the aggregation of technical virtuosity that culminates in unparalleled visual style. It is an honor for Humo del Diablo to bestow upon you these handcrafted works of art.